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About Mahoneys

Mahoneys offers services in the areas of law in which we have particular expertise. We do not try to be all things to all people. Rather, we focus on utilising and expanding our specialist skills for the benefit of our clients and their specific needs.

We provide solutions and recommendations, not just advice and options. We know that our clients want decisive action and we address the commercial and practical as well as the legal issues. Our experience in the areas of law in which we practice enables us to do this with clarity and precision.


Our Vision

We will provide timely and creative high level specialist legal services to our clients. Our firm name will become synonymous with quality
legal services and we will become our clients' trusted advisor of choice.

At Mahoneys we enjoy the work we do and we endeavour to provide our clients with personal, friendly and enthusiastic service. We strive to build relationships of mutual trust and respect with those clients for whom we are privileged to act. We are always open and forthright in our dealings with our clients. We will know or find out our clients’ concerns, work with them to deal with those concerns and achieve their desired outcomes and objectives. Our clients’ needs, not our billings, will be our driving focus.

Our people are an important part of our vision and we value everyone who is part of the team that make up Mahoneys. We promote a friendly, supportive and positive environment where team members can have fun, develop and grow. We will find a career path for our staff and understand that training is an integral part of the development of the Mahoneys team. We encourage self-responsibility and individuality and we have no place for office politics.


Our Values

One of our values here at Mahoneys concerns our people – they are the heart of our firm. We promote an environment that is positive and friendly and where we can all grow, develop and have some fun. We encourage our people to find the balance necessary to work hard but to enjoy life and have time for family and friends.

We believe that regardless of the position held within our firm, everyone should be treated with equal respect and professional consideration. The opinion of a firm partner is just as valid and considered as that of the office junior. As the saying goes, ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’, so we here at Mahoneys know that we are only as good as our weakest employee. Nurturing equality in the workplace gives each employee support, education and opportunity.

To encourage strength and unity, we actively discourage office politics and negativity. We work together to create and maintain an enriching and professional environment. Sharing ideas and learning from each other is the foundation for well rounded legal representation, and at Mahoneys, respect and encouragement for open communication enables us to better serve our clientele.

In keeping with this spirit of equality and open communication, the entire team at Mahoneys have a monthly office meeting where everybody is given the opportunity to raise and discuss current issues. We strive to ensure that these meetings and other regular staff gatherings are not contrived nor a burden on the staff. Another important part of our firm culture is the social aspect. Our social committee which is comprised of professional and support staff, and not the partners, determine the social gatherings throughout the year although there are some that have become rituals because of the way our staff have embraced them. The staff and partners at Mahoneys enjoy such things such as:

  • Morning Tea – every Thursday
  • Monthly breakfast for professional staff
  • Melbourne Cup Day afternoon function – the office closes for the afternoon
  • Office Christmas lunch – again the office closes for the afternoon
  • Go Cart Racing
  • Barefoot Bowling
  • Sunday family picnics
  • Trivia nights
  • Golf days
  • Boardroom drinks

Other social suggestions are always welcome.

We also value career development for members of our team and we will support them to move in the professional direction that they want. Training is an integral part of the development of the Mahoneys team, and we encourage self-responsibility and individuality.

As important as our work is to us, we will take care to ensure that it does not rule or dominate our lives. We encourage the balance necessary to ensure that we enjoy life and have the time to care for and enjoy our family and friends.


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