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Client Focus

Client Focus

Mahoneys has as one of its values the importance of being a client focused firm. To this end we encourage and embrace the concept of client intimacy.

What does this mean to us?

  • Mahoneys wants to be its clients’ trusted advisor of choice. This involves developing friendships with its clients and a relationship of complete trust.
  • We want our clients to depend on us for quality business advice. We want our relationship with our clients to be such that our clients are encouraged to, and enthusiastic about, referring other clients to us.
  • Time costing and the generation of fees is not our focus. Our focus is to establish a relationship of trust and confidence.

Mahoneys Clients

As would be expected from the areas of law in which we specialise, Mahoneys has a diverse range of clients. In common though are our clients’ need for and appreciation of practical, specialist advice.

Our clients include a number of public companies and their subsidiaries such as Ariadne Australia Limited and AV Jennings Limited as well as many large private companies including some of Queensland’s largest property developers such as QM Properties, the developer of the prestigious Pacific Harbour Waterfront development. We also act for a number of shopping centre owners, two of the state’s largest prestige car dealerships and a multitude of small and medium size business enterprises together with many individuals.

In the area of management rights we have a client base of onsite managers which is probably the largest in Australia and includes Mint Resorts, the owner of many management rights businesses throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

We are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our clients. Whilst we do not consider that our website is the place for that type of feedback to be displayed we are more than happy to share that feedback with potential clients.

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